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Simplicity and structure when time is short.

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How to deliver more professional results? How to make everyone work in the same way? You don’t need all the processes and documents. Deliver Minimum Viable Documentation®.

We can arrange an on-line or on-site workshop, deliver checklist, templates, and processes, and guide you through deploying lean processes.

It’s nice to have processes, but we must deliver products. We need to improve along our projects. Start small, get results, repeat.

  •   Structuring projects for reliability and quality.
  •   Quality vs. budget and deadlines
  •   Lead’s checklist for reliability
  •   Engineering checklist for reliability
  •   Practical: Quality Assurance Plan for your project
  •   When is quality good enough?
  •   Practical techniques, templates, and checklists

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Have you got a high-profile client?

Need to deliver more professional-looking documents and show that you have processes?

How to gradually improve quality and meet the deadlines?

Deliver a first lean process or document, get results, and repeat. How to improve processes gradually along running projects?

For managers and Tech Leads

A full-day workshop. Get a draft Quality and Reliability Roadmap for your project.


Building custom payload?
Need reliable CCSDS and PUS communication?

PUSopen® is a reliable C library with Space heritage. Get CCSDS and ECSS PUS services working in two days. Assemble your package: CCSDS and PUS training, full source code, integration support, checklists, and engineering of custom extensions.

  •   CCSDS/PUS training
  •   Integration support
  •   ECSS PUS Services
  •   PUS packet routing
  •   Connect multiple data buses
  •   CCSDS Space Packet Protocol
  •   CCSDS Virtual Channels
  •   Serial packet encoding


"Slavo’s expertise and guidance on interface and requirements descriptions were key in communicating our design/solution to demanding customers."

- Henrik Magnusson, Program Manager, Unibap AB -

"The advices and insights from 12G were great for us because we did not have previous experience in the space industry. The team was always present and responsive for questions and meetings."

- Jonathan Michel, Mission CHESS, Arc-Eng, Switzerland -

"As a PM, it’s always appreciated to have a resource in your team that delivers on time while working towards hard-to-reach milestones. Slavo’s (software) documents made my work easier."

- Carl Bondesson, Project Manager - Space, Unibap -

"12G is a crucial partner in SALSA project and we aim to continue in cooperation in project extension and future projects in the field of space or near space."

- Pavol Turcina, CEO GoSpace Tech, Slovakia -


Slavomir Petrik
Marketing & Engineering


Katarina Petrik
Finance & Legal


Small team delivering great results. We are two to five people (depending on the project load). Our experience spans Space, Aerospace, Railways and other industries. Whatever we do, our focus is locked on documentation and simplicity.


The formula is simple: clarity + structure = success. Documents make project so much easier.

Structure and Simplicity

Need to deliver more professional-looking documents and show that you have processes?