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News Highlights
  • PUSopen® Pro released - July 1, 2019

    Full release of PUSopen® is now available at our web site. We hope it will serve smallsat community well on its journey. Its improvements will continue based on users feedback. Thank you. Demo available here.

  • First successful PUSopen® flight test - Feb 11, 2019

    Today PUSopen® v1.0 has successfuly passed a major flight testing milestone. PUSopen® stack has been tested on the stratospheric balloon flight with top altitude of 34200 m. Flight was organized with out partners Spacemanic, Needronix and SOSA. Flight logs brough wealth of data for stack optimization and improvements its integration into client's platform. See the teaser video from the flight here.

  • SALSA avionics WP2 successfully closed - Dec 20, 2018

    After 8 months of tough and focused engineering work, our team had successfully presented results of the Work Package 1 and 2 to the contractor GoSpace Tech and ESA. Time to celebrate!

  • 12G at ESA ISD 2018, Noordwijk - Sept 13, 2018

    12G has participated at ESA Industry Space Days 2018 in Noordwijk. Our team did a fantastic job presenting PUSopen® communication stack to the participating smallsat community.

  • New deal for avionics software closed - March 1, 2018

    12G has reached a new deal with GoSpace Tech for avionics software for SALSA stratosperic gliding platform. Project is realized under ESA supervision. Contract includes software for on-board GNC and system control unit. Planned duration of the project is 18 months.

Upcoming Product Releases
  • PUSopen® V1.1 - Nov 31, 2019

    Focus: Optimization and tooling improvements.

  • PUSopen® V1.0 - July 1, 2019

    Full release of the ECSS PUS / CCSDS-standardized flight-tested space communication stack.