Who are we?

About 12G Flight Systems Sweden AB


My name is Slavo Petrik. Since 2018, my company 12G Flight Systems Sweden AB provides expertise for Space and aerospace projects. We served teams from 2 to 20 people, delivering for major space agencies and smaller companies.

We’ll agree that one must do a lot more software analysis and assurance for a satellite than we do for software in washing machines. But what is it?

Traditionaly developers think that it is more testing. Not true. The success of your mission depends on what you do along the complete development cycle – and that’s what we try to provide in our training, independent reviews, and engineering services.

Our primary focus is system and software reliability.

Every company is different; every project is unique - our training and engineering solutions and customized. We scan for process and assurance gaps through the first meetings and adapt what we deliver to you.

We are a small team of experts – three people stable, four people at the peaks. Our strategy is to have fewer customers simultaneously but serve them with greater focus than anyone else.

The expertise your team will get is rotted in years of work for companies like Airbus, Bombardier, and European Space Agency. We push the idea of balanced processes. No, your development team probably doesn’t need the heavy processes of Airbus; you are not Airbus. The key is to deliver only elements of process and assurance that bring you immediate benefits and that you can build upon – and that’s what we provide through our training, independent reviews, and engineering services.

Hope to meet you soon.

With Best Regards,

Slavo Petrik,

CEO, 12G Flight Systems Sweden AB