Frequently Asked Questions

What you often ask about...


Can we use PUSopen® for commercial missions?

Yes. PUSopen® is free for all missions, including commercial space missions (e.g., hosting payloads of your customers).

Can I use PUSopen® in my product?

You cannot use PUSopen® on devices that are further sold to your customers. E.g., space computers, testbench equipment, or radios sold are standalone products to your customers.

Do you offer academic licenses?

The product, PUSopen® library, is free – for business and academia. You’ll only be charged for optional training, support hours, and engineering service – if you decide to buy them.

Whom can I contact regarding licensing?

Please contact us at:


What happens after I purchase PUSopen® Standard (Free)?

We will briefly review your registration and reply with a download link within 24 hours. Then you can download PUSopen® and start integrating it.

What happens after I purchase PUSopen® Advanced?

Our staff will briefly review your registration for purchase. You shall get an invoice from us within 24 hours. Once paid, we’ll send you a download link. We will contact you to arrange the date and time for training.

What if I need extra information on the invoice?

Please let us know what exactly you need to have in the invoice, and we’ll put it there for you.


Which ECSS PUS services are covered?

We cover PUS Service 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 17. See PUSopen® datasheet for more details.

Can I extend ECSS PUS services?

Yes, you can implement customer PUS Service (id > 127). The PUSopen® user manual covers that topic.


How is my e-mail used?

We only accept company/work email (e.g., no Gmail). We may contact you in case of questions during registration and for a friendly discussion afterward. You won’t be included in our e-mail list or contacted unless asked. We promise. Your email stays strictly with us.

Support and Maintenance

How can I use my support hours?

You can use the included support hours at your will for any purpose related to PUSopen® or your mission. You can ask us to perform a review of integration, make an adaptation of PUSopen®, or help you resolve integration questions.

How is support provided?

Most support is provided via emails and online meetings. In some cases, if requested, we can come to your premises and provide support or training in-person (may incur additional charges).

How to purchase extra engineering/support hours?

Simply send us an email, we’ll send you an invoice, and we can start working.