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CCSDS & ECSS PUS-C Telemetry and Telecommands Handling Training

I think this is the best workshop to get an intro for people who would plan to deep dive into PUS-C for the first time. Overall, Well-paced workshop.

-- Manohar Karnal, Mission SeRANIS, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Germany

The advice and insights from 12G were great for us because we did not have previous experience in the space industry. The team was always present and responsive for questions and meetings.

-- Jonathan Michel, Mission CHESS/EPFL, Arc-Eng, Switzerland

Telemetry and commanding of your satellite is the lifeline of your mission. No communication, no mission. The worst situation in your mission is not when failure happens. The worst situation is when you have no way to find out why the failure occurred and how to recover it. This training provides structured information on implementing CCSDS and ECSS PUS-C practically. Structured telemetry will help you build the next generation of your system and help resolve failure scenarios.

1 day

Live-online or in-person (class)

New employees with little or no experience in space communication and protocols. Researchers and developers building their payload that needs a structured telemetry and telecommand in their systems. System and software engineers who need a straightforward and proven way to design communication patterns for their mission.

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Honest and very helpful insights and experiences with PUS implementation in real Space Missions.

-- Artur Kinzel, Mission SeRANIS, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Germany