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12G helps GoSpace Tech to develop robust avionics software

On-board GNC software enables precision landing for stratospheric gliding platform
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"12G is a crucial partner in SALSA project and we aim to continue in cooperation in project extension and future projects in the field of space or near space."
-- Pavol Turcina, CEO GoSpace Tech


To enable new possibilities for functional validation of space hardware in the extreme environment of the Earth’s stratosphere, GoSpace Tech in cooperation with European Space Agency ESA set sail in early 2018 to develop a modular stratospheric gliding platform, code name SALSA. Able to reach altitudes of 37000 m, SALSA opens new possibilities for functional testing of space hardware in extreme temperatures, increased radiation levels and the full range of G-force effects. SALSA aims to comply with strict aviation safety rules and offers soft and precision landing capabilities to protect delicate customer hardware.


GoSpace Tech entrusted us with the development of robust avionics software capable to perform under a range of flight conditions. Challenge solved by 12G for SALSA was to deliver required avionics software within a mid-range budget. Design and validation had to be done with extreme efficiency and focus to fit within project constraints. Entering the flight-testing phase of the project, our focus has shifted from software implementation to software flight-readiness assessment and flight data evaluation, which bring new challenges for us.