A simple, reliable C library for CCSDS & ECSS PUS communication with space heritage

Proven CCSDS & ECSS PUS on your system in two hours

Stop learning large frameworks. PUSopen® is free. Optional paid training, 24/7 support, and friendly independent reviews.

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Integration of PUSopen went well and was straightforward. We were able to easily test the PUS integration in our flight software framework.

-- Jonathan Michel, Mission CHESS, Switzerland

What is PUSopen?

PUSopen is a C implementation of CCSDS and ECSS PUS communication. A single library (.a, .so, .dll) covers the CCSDS link layer (Virtual Channels) and Space Packet protocol. On top of the CCSDS layers, PUSopen® provides ECSS PUS services with API toward user code.

Why choose PUSopen?

You probably don’t have that much time. Make CCSDS/ECSS PUS work in 2 hours and continue on your mission code and testing.

It’s not as complex as other tools out there for using PUS services. It only takes one function call to send a TC.

Its platform-independent C code can be cross-compiled to many different CPU/OS platforms.

If you want something reliable and existing on the market: PUSopen® is developed to ECSS-E-ST-40C and MISRA and verified at 6 different levels with integration and tailoring checklists.

We provide your team with a focused workshop dedicated to data communication in your mission

You get practical training in PUSopen®, space software, space communication. On top, you get support, integration checklists, and on-demand independent reviews.

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Download for free and evaluate.

The advices and insights from 12G were great for us because we did not have previous experience in the space industry. The team was always present and responsive for questions and meetings.

-- Jonathan Michel, Mission CHESS, Switzerland

PUSopen© in Action

ECSS PUS Service 5 | Tutorial

Event reporting with ECSS PUS Service 5 in PUSopen©.

ECSS PUS Service 13 | Tutorial

Large data downlink with ECSS PUS Service 13 in PUSopen©.

What is PUSopen?

PUSopen in Use-cases, Layers, Verification, Success Stories.

Is my platform supported?

Supported platforms

• Intel, ARM, MSP 430, RISC-V
• Windows, Linux, bare-board
• API: C, C++, C#

→ Didn't find your platform? Send us an email and we'll build PUSopen for your platform.

Download PUSopen

Download for free and evaluate.

How is PUSopen used?

Space systems prototyping
Software development for your mission
Verification on your test bench
In-orbit as part of the mission payloads


PUSopen® Free Version

- PUSopen® Single-mission License & tools (1
- Tutorials, examples, and documentation
- C++, C# adaptation layers

Download PUSopen

Download for free and evaluate.

PUSopen® Support Package

- PUSopen© training (4 hours) (2
- Integration and support (20 support hours) (3
- More target platforms
- Compliance documents (CCSDS, ECSS PUS)
- Integration checklist & review
- Integration test suite
- Building PUSopen® for your platform(s)

Your investment: €5400
Download free version and we'll contact you for details.

All our licenses are for single-mission use only (up to 5 CPUs and Ground Station). If you want to include PUSopen® in your product that is further sold to more than one customer or into a satellite constellation, please contact us.

No hidden fees. Prices are excluding VAT and other applicable taxes.

(1 Support for Windows, Linux, ARM, MSP-430, RISC-V.
(2 Training is provided live online via Microsoft Teams.
(3 Buy more engineering hours anytime. Rate: €100/h.

Some of your questions...


→ What are the advantages of software library over an integrated HW solution?

It is way simpler to call a simple TM/TC function in your code than communicating with another hardware end-point for creating packets.
You can easily update your mission software at any time (provided you have in-orbit update capability).
You can easily extend PUS Services with custom services and tweak standard services specifically for your payload.
Consider the full life cycle. Satellites spend 3 years in development and 2 years in orbit. It’s way more flexible to have a software solution that scales from your development PC, to test bench to on-board systems.

→ Will I get a code?

No, we don’t distribute the code. PUSopen is delivered as a static (.a) or dynamic (.dll, .so) library. Let us know if your platform is not supported out of the box. We share the source code under NDA in cases when it’s needed for debugging or quality audit.

→ Which services are implemented in PUSopen?

- ECSS PUS Services 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 17, custom (>127)
- CCSDS Space Packet Protocol
- CCSDS Virtual Channels
- Channel encoding
- Security by AES-128 encryption

→ How much does it cost?

PUSopen® is provided at no cost.
You can choose optional training, mission workshop, support, and independent reviews.
Add more support hours anytime along your project.

→ How exactly shall I proceed from here?

1. Fill up the registration form and follow the download link in the email.
2. Link PUSopen® library (.a) with your code.
3. Start sending TM/TC from your code (see tutorials)
4. We’ll offer you an introduction, training, workshop, and support in the e-mail.

As you can see, your mission will have reliable CCSDS/ECSS PUS within 24 hours.

See our FAQ page for more answers.

Download PUSopen

Download for free and evaluate.